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2664 identifier (formal) description Recommended best practice is to identify the resource by means of a string conforming to a formal identification system.
2677 derived from description A formal proof or derivation is a finite sequence of sentences (called well-formed formulas in the case of a formal language) each of which is an axiom or follows from the preceding sentences in the sequence by a rule of inference.
593 Askemos description ### Contributions #### Conceptual – Askemos.<small>org</small> * requirements analysis for reliable mission oriented cloud computing * a signature scheme [stronger than public-key cryptography][1]
3038 Askemos description ## TL;DR Askemos is a virtual space of communicating processes. Proof for the states of these processes are held in blockchains. It is an operating system for the new level in computer memory hierarc
936 dataset description Examples include lists, tables, and databases. A dataset may be useful for direct machine processing.
492 description The hell of issues simply tracked
499 1 description Documents for the setup process. There are several customisation steps, where the user needs to make informed decisions.
521 2 description Steps to customise an empty installation.
602 Basic Function Summary description The Askemos system is an open source project that is designed to be impervious even in the event to intentional disruption. Deployed applications are independent from any single service provider. Not
634 Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A system of [rules about rights][1] qualifies as " *incorruptible*", if it is proven that no individual actor (or group of them) can possibly impersonate any other description Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A system of [rules about rights][1] qualifies as " *incorruptible*", if it is proven that no individual actor (or group of them) can possibly impersonate any other
652 InCorruptible description Absolute power corrupts absolutely. * * * > A system of [rules about rights][1] qualifies as > *incorruptible*, if it is proven that no individual actor (or > group of those) can possibly impersonate
650 Non-Repudiation description > "Non-repudiation refers to a state of affairs where the > purported maker of a statement will not be able to successfully > challenge the validity of the statement or contract." > [wikipedia] Non-
659 Access Control Management description The Askemos system "manages" permission for users. (Or rather requires permision management to obey some rules.) As such it qualifies as a "access control management" system like any operating system,
663 intrusion-resistant description A system is called "intrusion resistant", if it, as a whole, continues to adhere to it's predefined rules even in case of a part of the system components violate these rules (accidentally or by malici
685 Askemos Virtual Space description So far we [established][1] in natural language two universal properties of contracts we can rely on: a) contracts are immutable and b) can not alienate personal rights. In their simplicity this might
711 urn:about:/news description Askemos News
730 3 description published news
736 UseCases description Slightly oversimplifying one can think of Askemos as an approach to payment systems. At the other hand it's the only payment system, which is a general purpose computer too. Thus is can be programmed
2112 Askemos - A Distributed Settlement description revise
2008 Askemos - A Distributed Settlement description > **Askemos - A Distributed Settlement, 2002** ### Abstract This paper presents [Askemos][1], an autonomous, distributed operating system on top of peer to peer networks which significantly raises t
1475 byzantine agreement description A fundamental problem of distributed computing is that of simulating a (secure) broadcast channel, using an insecure network. A byzantine consensus can always be reached, if more than 2/3 of the part
927 description The "lower half" of the Askemos (or rather [BALL][1]) implementation, the agreement protocol and storage replication layer, is essentially a poor man's zookeeper. Just not centralized. This poor man
1055 OID description <u>O</u>bject <u>Id</u>entifier. The designating entity of a place. A universally unique identifier. This [↗ identifier][1] is, in conceptual contrast to names, **always** chosen automatically. Typi
906 Frame description A frame is an artificial intelligence data structure used to divide knowledge into substructures by representing "stereotyped situations." Frames are connected together to form a complete idea.
1303 Message (Askemos application level) description ### Message & Messages A known source of confusion stems from the use of *message* for two distinct purposes. Especially technically skilled readers are prone to be trapped. [Messages at application