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Askemos - A Distributed Settlement
2005 see also > Askemos 2002 - text sequence
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2962 comment > published in: Proceedings of SSGRR 2002, L'Aquila, Italy
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2014 creator (jur.) > Jörg F. Wittenberger
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Askemos - A Distributed Settlement, 2002


This paper presents Askemos, an autonomous, distributed operating system on top of peer to peer networks which significantly raises the level of abstraction in comparison with today’s operating systems. Askemos addresses safe, secure and correct (forge proof) information processing while securing intellectual property in an innovative way.

Askemos defines a virtual machine on document level, which is defined in terms of abstract trees and pure functional transformation of them, both described in XML.

This virtual machine has no physical representation at any single machine. Instead it works distributed among independent components which appear as if they observed it. To achieve that effect, the participating machines compute the process steps of the virtual machine independent and vote among each other about the correct result.

To prevent illegal attacks, there exists no concept of unique resources like superuser rights or unique name spaces.

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2011 created > 2002-04-28
2136 BTDT > Distributed was choosen because it is an ambiguous term in math, technology, society and economy.
2137 BTDT > Settlement was choosen because it is an ambiguous term for (among others) a "spacial area occupied by" and a "dispute resolution within" a group.
2140 BTDT > The other half was choosen because it either was a common single letter word sorting atop or a likewise vague term not found searching "the net at that time".

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