Slightly oversimplifying one can think of Askemos as an approach to payment systems. At the other hand it's the only payment system, which is a general purpose computer too. Thus is can be programmed to do anything such a computer can do.

All applications share the assurance needed for payment: fraud is hard.

Here a few more examples:

Payment Systems

The A-Coin wallet is an asset-based payment system showcasing the use of Ricardian Contracts. A fast & efficient Alternative to Bitcoin.

Wikis And Archiving

The Askemos web site itself is just one application we run at the Askemos/BALL development network (details). A web-alike but peer-to-peer distributed application server featuring a free programmable level instead of any special purpose application as usually found in overlay networks. Implementations of an Askemos peer can be obtained from Note that site is a work in progress concerned with the rationale and abstract specification exclusively; including data formats, protocols, service interfaces etc. - however not the actual implementations.

The real potential for using Askemos is for identity and time stamp services, informationmanagement in public administration and libraries attaching metadata and archives, with the goal of establishing robust systems that can endure for centuries. German tax law, for instance, has storage requirements, which makes Askemos interesting even for private, individual use. Also Activist groups, non-profits and people who desire privacy and reliability in a chaotic and unpredictable world have much to gain from this software.


Personal Use

Some second level support guy have been heard to say "so biggest problem is always in front of the computer". This would be the second level support guy in the personal use case. Too bad. Sometimes it just happened.

A real world example - thanks to Anett for allowing me to post about the incident. As it happens she decided to reinstall her desktop system. She made a backup of her personal data. but where unaware at that moment, that this desktop hosts the database of the archive she manages. If we had to live without the comfort of a build-in backup as Askemos provides, we would had to lock her out of her desktop to make sure there is no sudden reinstall.

All it took to fix the problem: dig out an age old backup, where we kept the first version of her peer and issue a new certificate for it. Then start it and wait for a while, while the peer updates itself.

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