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Applications make use of the Askemos layer by virtue of the core application interface.

The core API is a small set of services. It is technically extensible with ease, however it is intended to be as small and beautiful as possible. Hence extensions are rare.

Concrete Syntax

The core API itself is language-neutral. Documentation presents it in form of XML bindings.

Elements of this API have the namespace

More Information

Documentation is moving into implementation related section.

1729 is a > Modul
1780 is a > Database Query Language
3203 is a > Target Platform Executable Language
1781 BTDT > Nice try: Adding security as afterthought. Lessons learned when failing with "add this to Zope".

become (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
output (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
link (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
send (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
new (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
grant (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
revoke (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by
let (BALL Core II) ↑ ... is defined by
letseq (BALL Core II) ↑ ... is defined by
sequence (BALL Core II) ↑ ... is defined by
EntryPoint (BALL Local) ↑ ... is defined by
TrustedCode (BALL Local) ↑ ... is defined by
secret (BALL Local) ↑ ... is defined by
update (BALL Core III) ↑ ... is defined by
forward (BALL Core III) ↑ ... is defined by
replicates (BALL Core) ↑ ... is defined by