Conceptual –

  • requirements analysis for reliable mission oriented cloud computing
  • a signature scheme stronger than public-key cryptography, applicable to static documents and ongoing processes
  • decentral, incorruptible capability assignment sans omni-privileged administration atop of those signatures

Practical –

  • fault tolerant replication of processes including but not limited to file systems or databases together with procedures for controled update
  • tamper proofed electronic evidence
  • proof-of-concept: usable by untrained staff; self-hosted
  • There is nothing so practical as a good theory – Kurt Lewin

Askemos combines incorruptible privilege delegation and non-repudiable replication of communicating processes into a trustworthy network. Physical machines under control of their operators execute applications processes under permanent multilateral audit tolerating byzantine faults . The network's honest majority of hosts provides users with exclusive control, and thus real ownership of processes. Askemos models a "virtual constitutional state" where physical hosts bear witness to the interactions of virtual agents (akin to citizens). Self verifying identifiers can confirm that original documents have not been tampered with.