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  • A leading "line" number. Linked to a specialised display. (Often a barely useful, basic navigation; except when there's a customized template registerd for the class definition.
  • 3 columns in order subject, predicate, object: Each a term, URL, text or picture. Any column matching the query, thereby returning relevance context for the actual match.

A match is either a sqlite full text match of search term with a resource or a numeric match of the s, p or o parameter of the query. (The latter is indicated by the corresponding columns having all this value.)

search results

2014 Askemos - A Distributed Settlement creator (jur.) Jörg F. Wittenberger
1191 creator (jur.) Dan Bricklin
1201 creator (jur.) Klaus Bastian
1281 creator (jur.) Ian Grigg
1578 There ought to be two rules about. One: Avatars ought to exist independent of any individual social contract put forward by any particular space. And two: Social contracts ought to be available in a machine readable form which allows the avatar projection intelligence to know exactly what the rules are and to allow you set effective guidelines about I don’t go to spaces where people don’t treat me in ways that I consider to be crucial in my treatment. creator (jur.) Eben Moglen
1681 creator (jur.) Jean Jacques Rousseau
1714 creator (jur.) Bruce Schneier
2381 Certificate Authority Transparency and Auditability by Ben Laurie and Adam Langley creator (jur.) Ben Laurie and Adam Langley
2449 Beyträge zur Berichtigung bisheriger Mißverständnisse. Erster Band, das Fundament der Elementarphilosophie betreffend, Jena, S. 167. creator (jur.) Karl Leonhard Reinhold
2723 Set theory can be viewed as a form of exact theology. creator (jur.) Rudy Rucker
2967 Beweiswürdigung elektronischer Dokumente im Zivilprozess unter vergleichender Betrachtung von qualifizierten elektronischen Signaturen nach dem Signaturgesetz und dem Askemos-Verfahren creator (jur.) Markus Heinker
3032 Reflections on Trusting Trust creator (jur.) Ken Thompson
3035 Diverse Double-Compiling creator (jur.) David A. Wheeler
3104 Der Streit um Namen ist nur Kindern erlaubt. creator (jur.) Gotthart Günther
3118 Enabling Privacy Through Transparency creator (jur.) Oshani Seneviratne
3119 Enabling Privacy Through Transparency creator (jur.) Lalana Kagal
3232 Tendermint: Byzantine Fault Tolerance in the Age of Blockchains creator (jur.) Ethan Buchman