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  • A leading "line" number. Linked to a specialised display. (Often a barely useful, basic navigation; except when there's a customized template registerd for the class definition.
  • 3 columns in order subject, predicate, object: Each a term, URL, text or picture. Any column matching the query, thereby returning relevance context for the actual match.

A match is either a sqlite full text match of search term with a resource or a numeric match of the s, p or o parameter of the query. (The latter is indicated by the corresponding columns having all this value.)

search results

1353 programming paradigm is subclass of Principle
983 Principle of least privilege is a Principle
996 adheres to range Principle
1020 best practice range Principle
1025 Principle of inalienable privilege is a Principle
1309 Categorical imperative is a Principle
1490 Social contract is a Principle
1497 General will is a Principle
2358 Evidential reason is subclass of Principle