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> Signature
> description

S. is an intrinsic identifier. Often used as a token of intent.

Interesting Subproperties

Note: The following table can be seen as a bird's eye view of a ramp on a 2x3 rectangle. Side hand headings mark the level ascending row-by-row towards the bottom line.

Trustworthiness ↗established sign in range applicable subdomain
↗Physical ↗Virtual
↗Circumstantial written, seal, watermark,… attached name, origin in trusted system on either end of the channel, received from ↗trusted 3rd party, ↗Pubkey/two correlated events or messages ↗message
↗Trust-worthy ↗evident ↗Rational proof to an ↗individual ↗data integrity, e.g. a ↗Ricardian Hash
↗filed fact ↗Booked (witness, notary, peer review) ↗Proof beyond reasonable doubt Booked data integrity, a ↗MRC in ↗consensus about an ↗OID. ↗process