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replicates (Askemos)
1062 ↑ ... is defined by > Askemos
1086 is subproperty of > coverage (spatial or temporal)
1092 comment > The locations (range) commissioned to support the place (domain).
1064 domain > Place (Askemos)
1079 range > Notary (Askemos)
1063 is a > property
1337 description > Replication is "active": it is performed by processing the same request at every replica.
3143 description > We can ask whether additional copies are backups or whether they are attestations? Do these latter signings add more strength or are they just blind followers? See above: they actively replicate the calculation.They may even deny to do so due to local reasoning like compliance with regulations or law enforcement. They add strength. They *are* the strength.
1498 adheres to > General will
1334 see URL >