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Operating system
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The meaning of "operating system" has changed into a rather generic term.

The relationship to Askemos is twofold. Sometimes Askemos is referred to as being an "autonomous operating system". At the other hand it is completely machine independent, thus hardly qualifies as an operating system at all.

Nowadays "operating system" is some software to coordinate some hardware.

When Askemos is said to be an operating system this alludes to an definition of operating system as given bei C.A.R. Hoare (TODO: dig up the original wording):

Der Zweck eines Betriebssystems besteht darin, die Betriebsmittel eines Computersystems auf eine Anzahl parallel laufender Programme zu verteilen, wobei die Programme nicht vorab definierte Anforderungen an Betriebsmittel stellen.

Source: black board in university course in the eightieth

Rough, slightly shortened translation of the Hoare quote: "The purpose of an operating system is to schedule access to the resources of a system among a number of concurrent processes."

When you do not think of a hardware device, that definition does apply Askemos.

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