Basic Function Summary

The Askemos system is an open source project that is designed to be impervious even in the event to intentional disruption. Deployed applications are independent from any single service provider.

Note that Askemos is not a software, the systems defines minimum requirements for a particular class of software: Software evidently working according to contracted rules. (Where evidently means without single point of failure.) Any service provider may deploy their own implementation. (There's free code to download nevertheless.)

Any Askemos core system provides three interdependent services.

  1. Synchronized processes (↗avatar) over the internet tolerating byzantine failures of providers.

  2. Route messages (network or in-process) to the replicas of a process. Access is controlled via attached privileges (a.k.a ↗capabilities).

  3. Asserts that privilege delegation in the resulting multi-hierarchy of privileges can not lead to the "Loss Of Control" case. (i.e., ↗respects your rights)

By the last point we differentiate Askemos systems from otherwise apparently working but corruptible systems: Loss of control is possible if a system has some kind of super user, or allows transitive granting of privileges.

Such an assertion is nice to have as a tool to manage your access control needs at the logical level - independent of first two bullet points. However, administrative or hardware access would still allow tampering attacks.

The virtual machine - which is observed as the majority state - will stay correct even if such low level, inside attacks have taken place.

Status (docs)