Askemos is a virtual space of communicating processes. Proof for the states of these processes are held in blockchains. It is an operating system for the new level in computer memory hierarchy where units are blockchains. Their addresses are hashcodes derived from their genesis block proofing their initial integrity. Those blockchains may be updated according to a smart contract held in the genesis block when transaction messages are processed. There is exactly one contract per blockchain for minimal interference between independent contracts. Blockchains may create new chains and send transaction messages to other chains upon update. Note that there is no currency build into the core as currencies can readily be implemented in smart contracts.

In a more philosophical light the blockchains in Askemos space are the originals and have identity while every copy in physical memory can be understood as a projection from the virtual block chain into the physical device. The original is clearly different from all the derived copies while the latter have no such relationship among each other.

Askemos eliminates the need for trust in digital relationships – be it trust in physical components or in people.

Askemos is an autonomous meta-operating system for the clouds: Ethical cloud computing for the future of digital due process and finance.

Key features of the code ensure reliability when performing digital transactions over distributed social networks.

In today's personal computing and cloud offerings, you must trust that the system works reliably. Unfortunately, the technology used today is fatally unreliable.

At some point, administrative personnel of unknown loyality and physical machines that can be modified must be trusted. Abuse and advanced persistent threats enable "sleeper agents" in the code that can undermine missions at critical junctures.

Askemos is a concept and core set of principles (in technical terms a protocol) that eliminates the need for trust in physical machines or unethical people. It was published in the hope the protocol may be adopted and incorporated into future software. This enables trustworthy software to be designed that vigorously protects inalienable human rights.


Askemos mirrors the way human societies overcame feudalism and omnipowerful regents.

  1. Due process: everything happens according to pre-defined rules. Rules are code and contracts. These codes are recursively based on code again down to the 1st contract, the constitution. The same applies to program code.

  2. Rights are inviolable; human rights are inalienable. We acknowledge that infringement can happen- this is dealt with via rule three:

  3. Trustworthy facts are upheld by multilateral audit. Just as humans seek others to witnesses to their transactions, Askemos bears "digital witness" to these events. Askemos actively replicates process execution- avoiding trust in machines and their operators.

Read more here in the docs.

Proof Of Concept

BALL (Byzantine Aaskemos Language Layer) is an implementation and proof-of-concept for Askemos. BALL proves this is a practical idea and is already applied: it hosts itself, and delivers this website among others. BALL has been used in several research projects, bachelor- and master thesis; and for a number of real world applications.

21 Dez 2013 Askemos @ 30C3

Read more on the front page's claim "for the future of due process and finance".

30 Nov 2012 update notice, release nearing comments please period open.

24 Apr 2012 Network Growth

We've got another two locations. Environmental friendly: Now 50% on just 5 Watt per location.

05 Jan 2012 CeBit 2012

Askemos at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany. 6. - 10. March in Hall 12 (Security Plaza).